Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What a beautiful song!...Now you're dead.

We are officially fully blocked! And Babs does a lot of...SITTING! And...wait for it...STARING! But, freals. We blocked about 15 pages of the script last week and I said 6 words, haha. It's good thing I join into songs from my petrified stupor or else I'd really be extra useless.

I wonder if I left the stove on...

It's actually getting to be an increasing challenge for me not to stop and watch people during scenes. It's something I have to get a solid grasp on. You may think, "wow. Sitting there is so hard. Quite yer bitchin. Womp-womp." But, in all actuality - it is! For someone who can be distracted with "ooh, shiny" it's hard not to just watch. Everyone sounds so fantastic when they're singing, I find myself just staring at them absent-mindedly. However, as Scott has told me, Barbra is stuck in this traumatic event. She is replaying it in her head over and over and is in a perpetual state of terror. It takes an immense amount more of self-control than you may think.

This day really sucks, Johnny!

Now that we are fully blocked, we have a real full sense of the show. And it's so damn SAD. I have said out loud during rehearsals after one of the characters gets done singing a beautiful ballad of regret and yearning, "CHRIST, this show is sad!" Because it's not like you don't know what is coming! These people are epically screwed and they are just trying to hold onto any last scrap of hope to survive just a little...bit...longer. I suppose that is one of the appeals of the horror genre - every day people getting thrown into a supernaturally tragic situation and how they handle it.

Helen should have let Karen have that new doll...

Costumes are almost totally together! After scouring the thrift stores of St. Louis, Sarah and I are almost PR picture ready! We have a few things here and there to gather, a few pairs of shoes a jacket or two, but the characters are there! I get all squeal-y when I finally get to see the actors in their things. It's a validation of your instinct and research coming together to complete that image you created for them and it's AWESOME. Being bombarded with current fashion and how things are "supposed" to look, I love taking my brain out of that mind set and fixing it to a totally different era. It makes you look at things completely different and kind of becomes a treasure hunt.

I'm really proud of what Sarah and I have done. Scott is very happy with them and we agreed that they have a very natural look (which was my goal!) When I see them on the amazing set that we get to be on !!NEXT WEEK!!, I may lose my mind even more than Barbara.

Yay for spooky theatre!

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