Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turkey Point Tech Week Jamboree

Aw, baby, baby, BABY! It's tech week ya'll! Just finished an amazing tech weekend. New Line shocks me again with their incredibly FAST tech days. The tension may be high, but I still always have a great time. To me, though, it's just a weekend of constant excitement. It's adding all the sugary icing on the cake!

The set is MY kind of happening- lots of colors! My shoes actually match ;) Lights were added this weekend and they really make the colors pop! It's fantastic. Baltimore never looked so cheery. And the band...in the words of Ari/Dupree, "AWW YEAH, OOH WEE", the band! Nothing makes the musical really come alive until the band is in the mix. Guys. Guys. GUYS. It sounds amazing. I got all Giggles McGee during the beginning of "I'm Infected" as Taylor belted beautifully and the band grooved. It gives me a big old SMILE just thinking about it.

I know I've mentioned this previously...I'm not just saying this because I'm biased...but this show is damn funny. I'd have to blame most of my character breaking on Mike Dowdy(our villainous Square, Baldwin). Holy crap. Not only is he ridiculously hilarious in person, it's even more so on stage. From his delivery to his expression, I just can't keep it together. I've been in tears at times. Zak Farmer is the most offensive culprit of breaking actors on stage. Our Allison, Taylor, told me tales of when she was on stage for Evita and as she faced the ensemble, and as they faced her upstage, Zak would do everything in his weasley power to crack her. During EVITA for Pete's sake, haha. I love it, though. I love all the hilarious elements that this cast brings. It's kind of great trying NOT to laugh a lot.

During lights on Saturday, I was sitting out in the house watching when I wasn't on stage. One of my FAVORITE segments to watch is "A Little Upset" followed by what we call "The Chase". This all takes place in the jail after all the Drapes have been arrested under false accusations. Cry Baby sings about how he's tired of holding back his emotions and just lets friggin loose. It's a pretty cathartic song, in my opinion. Robin, our choreographer crafted some amazing choreography. I adore watching the boys dance this number. It's gritty and powerful and makes you want to dance, too. I've often found that it's hard to find a solid ensemble of guys in theatre (I'm not saying this always happens. It's just something that happens when the majority of people who audition are female.) I can say- hands down- this cast has the strongest male ensemble I've ever been a part of. Each of them are fantastic singers and they each bring their own element to the stage. They really put their all into this dance- it is EXHAUSTING as hell- and it totally pays off.

We are in the throes of "hell week" bu- you know what? It's not "hell week". It's officially renamed "Kickin Ass and Taking Names" week because I said so and that's how I feel. We all may be tired and cranky, and maybe even a little sick this week but this is what it all comes down to. Gotta put on your nbig kid undies and DO THE THING. The one thing I'm most anxious for is audience (naturally- that's why we DO this). I think people will absolutely LOVE it and I'm curious to see the reactions. I can't wait to put all these pieces together.

"AWWW YEAH! OOOOH WEE!", darlings!

For the cast: Things to keep in mind this week-
Tay-tay: You rock Allison like a hurricane. Keep giving me chills.
Ry-Scott: You are CB. Trust yourself. You sound and look amazing up there.
Dowdy: I literally hurt from laughing when I watch you.
Hatchet: You are one crusty ugly-beautiful awesome bitch.
Wanda: Try not to pee your pants this week. I might pee mine.
Ari: Your runs make me swoon! Luhv you, boo.
Zak: I actually have something genuine to say...your voice is amazing and you are hilarious. Now, screw off.
Cindy: Thanks for the onstage making out advice, wise one.
Terrie: I think we are kindred crazies and I totally love that. 
Devon: I love your snuggles. I would be tossed offstage by no one else.
Chris: ...you constantly surprise me.
Evan: Are you done being sick so I can put my tongue in your mouth?
Jen: You are adorable and awesome and I love talking to you back stage.
Alex: I love watching you. You are constantly animated and engaged with what's happening. Plus. You have great shoes.

You are all amazing, talented, awesome people.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Bonkers. That's what they're calling me-" I KNOW. I CAN HEAR YOU.

I couldn't quite put into WORDS how I was thinking tonight. But, I really wanted to share how I was feeling with the 4 of you that maybe, sort of look at this. Therefore, I decided to do a late night, double feature...picture show...of a look at Marcy.

JESUS CHRIST. I have SO much shiz to get done....
WELP. Might as well take a bath and watch BBC Sherlock!
BRB: dancing and putting copious amounts of Nutella into face.
Down to brass tacks: MUSIC TIME. Let's go over some harmonies...
Oh shi-seriously? SERIOUSLY? I've been singing that wrong the WHOLE time...
*textexttextexttext* *gets butt hurt over why so & so is or isn't texting*
Find something disturbing on the internet and hate things for a second...
Consider life decisions and know I am strong and can handle anythi-
Omg...there are so many big life decisions...what if I FAIL?
What if it's not meant to be?!
Ask the Captain about life decisions...
Listen to sad music and cry at being over-whelmed about life decisions...
Stop for a second...and remember good stuff that is happening
(pictured: Cry Baby post card above my bed)
Ponder lovely people and things in my life. Look at happy stuff.
Get super stoked and hug things with excitement for good stuff like
tech weekend for CB and opening NEXT WEEEEK!
Remember to take vitamins- gummy style- like a healthy BOSS.
(Tech is coming up! Gotsta stay okay.)
Lay in bed thinking about EVERYTHING until my brain is exhausted.


Now, that I've spend a ridiculous amount of time accomplishing just that...I'm going to do the very thing in the last picture. Night, my darlings. Sweet dreams.

I leave you with this:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Locked in a cage, staring at the ceiling...

Oh, WOE, WOE, WOE, WOOOE is how I've felt lately and I need to get the hell over it. I literally walked around the house yesterday singing "Misery". What a sad sack.

Pepper Baby Mama is about to get frealz for a second here...I've been going through a lot of "stuff" in my life lately and sometimes that can be hard to leave at the door step for a rehearsal. I have often found myself really distracted and unfocused and I hate it. "Damn you brain! Y U HAV SO MANY FEELINGS?!" But, I suppose that's what makes us barrel of theatre monkeys so interesting to watch. We gotta whole lotta emotions up in here and who wants to watch Ben Stein on stage? Nobody, that's who. (Now, imagine him as Harold Hill- BAH HA!) Thing is, the closer we get to opening of CB (yikes!) the more I need to swoop in on old Pepper here.

I'm loud. It's no secret. Anyone who has been within 100 feet of me knows this and often this is why I'm cast. Type cast, as it were. But, I have a problem of going into character voices I don't quite want to use, haha. My go-to is what I call my "Lucy Van Pelt"...I've only played her twice and I will never be rid of her. It's this nasal trumpet that comes from the back of my throat and sometimes Pepper take a Lucy turn. Interesting what your voice finds to be "comfortable". Lucy is my comfort. I don't have to be Marcy, I hide behind her. She's doubly obnoxious and I have an excuse for looking like a jack ass on stage. As much as a brat as she is, Pepper is a lot more real and I'm having a harder time keeping her on queue. My voice is taking on my emotional state lately....up in the clouds one minute and down in the depth of "what the fuck am I doing" the next.

 Eff this.

Stuff is coming together. It's rad. It's awesome. It gives me happy butterflies. I was able to use my bare minimum carpentry skills to help with the set the other day. My favorite quite of the day was "Okay! Here's the stage for Turkey Point!"- Scott Schoonover. Something about that ONE little phrase made me jump up and down and clap my hands...then dance on the platform. This makes it REAL. Tangible. My other favorite element of the day was Scott, our director, perusing through us with our hammers and drill guns, talking about the show and other musicals, then making me blush by asking personal questions and laughing at his accomplishment *blushes and runs away*.  I love being involved in as much as the production process as I can. It strengthens that bond with that piece of art you've helped create, though I didn't do much...I was happy to lend a hand. This show is going to be OFF THE DEMENTED CHAIN.

I love this cast. They are all too amazing. My favorite aspect of joining a new production is the relationships you find in each cast member. Some, you have more of a connection with than others, but there are SO many dynamics with an ensemble. It's really cool to watch who clicks with who and how you see that manifest on stage. It's not really something you can experience as an audience member, but as an actor it's awesome. I love these people. I can't start to think of the end, yet, because then the sad butterflies creep into my big, fake, preggo tummy. The beginning and ending of each show is scary. I'm scared of something new and if I am going to do my best. Then I'm scared of losing great people in my life and "the end".

As much bull honky that may be going on in my life, I know that I can some to rehearsal, get some hugs and smiles, maybe a smack on the butt and a joke, a shoulder if I need one, and get right to what we are all passionate about. It makes things seems okay for a bit. It make bringing this story to life worth it. It makes it all worth it.