Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No more tears, only laughter. We'll be happy ever after...

Well, folks. Cry-Baby closed this weekend. It's an emotional week for me, but I finally feel the gumption to give you my closing thoughts on the whole experience. I was just going to send this to the cast and crew of the show, but I decided to make this an open letter to the Cry-babies so you can see just how much a production can have an effect on someone's life. We performers and our tons of "feelings"...good golly.

To my Cry-Babies,

This is something I wanted to say last night before the show, but I was afraid of totally LOSING it and ruining all my makeup, haha. As most of you know, I'm going to be relocating my crazy ass to Chicago in the upcoming months. It may not seem like a big deal to most people for it's only a few hours drive, but to me it's a really huge deal. It's a GIGANTIC life change for me being someone who has not strayed more than 20 minutes away from the nest. It's been an extremely difficult few months mentally and emotionally coming to this decision. It's kind of like...feeling that I'm in the deep end of a pool and my head keeps dipping under water. I struggle to swim and stay afloat, but sometimes it gets too be too much and I start to sink.

I needed you all to know how important it has been for me to be able to come to rehearsals and the performances to help cope with it all. From the stress of change to long days at work; I was able to have an escape. It has meant THE WORLD  to me to have you all to come to. When I needed a hug or a good laugh- I had you: a group of people who all love this same experience and come together to do so. I have looked forward to every rehearsal, every run through, and every performance. The amount of SHEER JOY I experienced during this time would make you blush. I haven't been this attached to a show since I did HAIR back in 2008. That took me some serious time to get past. Must be something about you insane NewLiners...

Of course this also means that even though I won't be far away and will frequent the Lou, this means that this may be the last show I perform in St. Louis for some time, or at all (at all until I get on my feet in Chi-town). That really struck something in me. The theatre community I've become a part of in St. Louis is so important to me, not being in the thick of it is going to be really friggin hard...

I've mentioned the "post show depression" to people before and they've scoffed. But, anyone that's involved in theatre and anyone that KNOWS anyone involved in theatre, totally gets it. I've even had family members check on me after shows to see how I was doing because they know how much it effects me. The only way a story is going to be interesting and engaging to an audience is if they can truly believe the relationships. Sure, not everyone becomes best buddies in a cast, but the only way you are going to make your character attract any type of interest is if you can feel something for them- be it hate, love, respect, pity. This happens through connections and relationships developed within the cast. One of the reasons I was able to give Pepper life was from the engagement I had amongst the Drapes. I love them dearly and have a unique relationship with each of those cast members that gave me the ability to interact with them and create a deeper story on stage. Ryan, our Cry-Baby, when speaking of his experience on Facebook, described us as a family. It's the truth. We are nothing less than a family and you all hold a special place in my heart.

There is a certain magic that happens in the theatre. It's not about the loudness of the applause and it's not about the compliments you get after the show. It's bringing something new and interesting and beautiful to people- an idea or an experience. From the director to the designers to the band to the stage manager to the cast, they have all come together, each with their own creative prowess to bring about something incredible for people to experience. The energy in a live audience is addicting. Be it the look of engagement, terror, joy, or confusion on people's faces- it's amazing to connect with such a large group of people-mostly strangers, really. 

I know these shows can't last forever and that's part of what makes it special. But, honestly I could continue on with this very show for a long time. As I was pouring my heart out to my mom Sunday night about how much I'm going to miss it, she reminded me that I shouldn't be sad that it's over, but be grateful and appreciative that I will have this experience for the rest of my life. I really am. And I just needed you all to know it.

Thank you, Justin and the band. Thank you, Amy. Thank you, Don and Trish. Thank you to everyone who came to see the show. Thank you to my wonderful loving and supportive family. Thank you to my wonderful cast. And the biggest thanks of all to Scott Miller.

I can't WAIT until I work with NewLine again...until next time, my darlings...

Love and watch your ass,

Pepper "Baby Mama" Walker

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Joy, Bliss, and GLEEEEE!!

OPENING WEEKEND, YOU FANCY PANTS FREAKS! And what fun it has been! This cast knows I adore them. I am SO damn proud of the work they are doing. And I don't just mean the cast. Scott has created something really original and fun. You don't get this sort of opportunity often! I LURVE. Justin, our fearless band leader really brought us out of a tough spot this week with only some of the band receiving the correct music 2 or less DAYS before the start of the run! Because of the score changes (for a smaller band ) the writers had to do for our production, some things got a little lost in translation. But, "have no fear, the coast is clear" we are up and running!

And speaking of the the writers...some decided to make an appearance at our show last night. O.O That's right. The composer Adam Schlesinger actually came to see our show. Welp. Just about peed my pants when I heard that one. Along with the orchestrator. I couldn't freaking believe it. It's so cool that these guys were enthusiastic about their material enough to come and see our show! They were very complimentary and actually loved our production. That's a great thing to hear from the people who helped WRITE it. Very rad.

Gettin' all snazzied up!
It's been interesting to see how audiences react to this show. I mean, WE all like it, our director, band, costume designer, sound guy, set guys, and stage manager all like it. They've been our audience thus far. But, it's the ones' we've been practicing for I'm curious to hear from. One thing I've heard through the grapevine of audience members was that they were captivated by listening to the lyrics. That makes me happy. I think the lyrics are way too funny and clever to pass up or just listen to idly. Haha, had a few brain jarring moments whilst french kissing and catching the gaze of an old couple. AWKWARD TURTLE. I also looked directly at a guy during "Girl, Can I Kiss You With Tongue?" that straight up put his program over the bottom part of his face, giggled, and glanced around uncomfortably. *Dusts hands* my work here is done. I've just had absolutely NO idea how people were going to react. It's been the majority positive, but I still would like to hear some actual feedback. I love the mix of confusion, curiosity, and laughter on people's face.

You never QUITE feel like you know all your lines...
I believe we are all feeling a bit of the heat. At the ending of a long tech week and opening, we're all pretty exhausted BUT, it doesn't make me any less excited to arrive at that theater and start getting ready with the rest of my cast. Sleep? I don't know what you're talking about. I'm only young and resilient for a a short period of time, right? Let's do this, my babies.

See you at the show, darlings.
You better watch your ass.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Turkey Point Tech Week Jamboree

Aw, baby, baby, BABY! It's tech week ya'll! Just finished an amazing tech weekend. New Line shocks me again with their incredibly FAST tech days. The tension may be high, but I still always have a great time. To me, though, it's just a weekend of constant excitement. It's adding all the sugary icing on the cake!

The set is MY kind of happening- lots of colors! My shoes actually match ;) Lights were added this weekend and they really make the colors pop! It's fantastic. Baltimore never looked so cheery. And the the words of Ari/Dupree, "AWW YEAH, OOH WEE", the band! Nothing makes the musical really come alive until the band is in the mix. Guys. Guys. GUYS. It sounds amazing. I got all Giggles McGee during the beginning of "I'm Infected" as Taylor belted beautifully and the band grooved. It gives me a big old SMILE just thinking about it.

I know I've mentioned this previously...I'm not just saying this because I'm biased...but this show is damn funny. I'd have to blame most of my character breaking on Mike Dowdy(our villainous Square, Baldwin). Holy crap. Not only is he ridiculously hilarious in person, it's even more so on stage. From his delivery to his expression, I just can't keep it together. I've been in tears at times. Zak Farmer is the most offensive culprit of breaking actors on stage. Our Allison, Taylor, told me tales of when she was on stage for Evita and as she faced the ensemble, and as they faced her upstage, Zak would do everything in his weasley power to crack her. During EVITA for Pete's sake, haha. I love it, though. I love all the hilarious elements that this cast brings. It's kind of great trying NOT to laugh a lot.

During lights on Saturday, I was sitting out in the house watching when I wasn't on stage. One of my FAVORITE segments to watch is "A Little Upset" followed by what we call "The Chase". This all takes place in the jail after all the Drapes have been arrested under false accusations. Cry Baby sings about how he's tired of holding back his emotions and just lets friggin loose. It's a pretty cathartic song, in my opinion. Robin, our choreographer crafted some amazing choreography. I adore watching the boys dance this number. It's gritty and powerful and makes you want to dance, too. I've often found that it's hard to find a solid ensemble of guys in theatre (I'm not saying this always happens. It's just something that happens when the majority of people who audition are female.) I can say- hands down- this cast has the strongest male ensemble I've ever been a part of. Each of them are fantastic singers and they each bring their own element to the stage. They really put their all into this dance- it is EXHAUSTING as hell- and it totally pays off.

We are in the throes of "hell week" bu- you know what? It's not "hell week". It's officially renamed "Kickin Ass and Taking Names" week because I said so and that's how I feel. We all may be tired and cranky, and maybe even a little sick this week but this is what it all comes down to. Gotta put on your nbig kid undies and DO THE THING. The one thing I'm most anxious for is audience (naturally- that's why we DO this). I think people will absolutely LOVE it and I'm curious to see the reactions. I can't wait to put all these pieces together.

"AWWW YEAH! OOOOH WEE!", darlings!

For the cast: Things to keep in mind this week-
Tay-tay: You rock Allison like a hurricane. Keep giving me chills.
Ry-Scott: You are CB. Trust yourself. You sound and look amazing up there.
Dowdy: I literally hurt from laughing when I watch you.
Hatchet: You are one crusty ugly-beautiful awesome bitch.
Wanda: Try not to pee your pants this week. I might pee mine.
Ari: Your runs make me swoon! Luhv you, boo.
Zak: I actually have something genuine to say...your voice is amazing and you are hilarious. Now, screw off.
Cindy: Thanks for the onstage making out advice, wise one.
Terrie: I think we are kindred crazies and I totally love that. 
Devon: I love your snuggles. I would be tossed offstage by no one else.
Chris: constantly surprise me.
Evan: Are you done being sick so I can put my tongue in your mouth?
Jen: You are adorable and awesome and I love talking to you back stage.
Alex: I love watching you. You are constantly animated and engaged with what's happening. Plus. You have great shoes.

You are all amazing, talented, awesome people.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Bonkers. That's what they're calling me-" I KNOW. I CAN HEAR YOU.

I couldn't quite put into WORDS how I was thinking tonight. But, I really wanted to share how I was feeling with the 4 of you that maybe, sort of look at this. Therefore, I decided to do a late night, double feature...picture show...of a look at Marcy.

JESUS CHRIST. I have SO much shiz to get done....
WELP. Might as well take a bath and watch BBC Sherlock!
BRB: dancing and putting copious amounts of Nutella into face.
Down to brass tacks: MUSIC TIME. Let's go over some harmonies...
Oh shi-seriously? SERIOUSLY? I've been singing that wrong the WHOLE time...
*textexttextexttext* *gets butt hurt over why so & so is or isn't texting*
Find something disturbing on the internet and hate things for a second...
Consider life decisions and know I am strong and can handle anythi-
Omg...there are so many big life decisions...what if I FAIL?
What if it's not meant to be?!
Ask the Captain about life decisions...
Listen to sad music and cry at being over-whelmed about life decisions...
Stop for a second...and remember good stuff that is happening
(pictured: Cry Baby post card above my bed)
Ponder lovely people and things in my life. Look at happy stuff.
Get super stoked and hug things with excitement for good stuff like
tech weekend for CB and opening NEXT WEEEEK!
Remember to take vitamins- gummy style- like a healthy BOSS.
(Tech is coming up! Gotsta stay okay.)
Lay in bed thinking about EVERYTHING until my brain is exhausted.


Now, that I've spend a ridiculous amount of time accomplishing just that...I'm going to do the very thing in the last picture. Night, my darlings. Sweet dreams.

I leave you with this:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Locked in a cage, staring at the ceiling...

Oh, WOE, WOE, WOE, WOOOE is how I've felt lately and I need to get the hell over it. I literally walked around the house yesterday singing "Misery". What a sad sack.

Pepper Baby Mama is about to get frealz for a second here...I've been going through a lot of "stuff" in my life lately and sometimes that can be hard to leave at the door step for a rehearsal. I have often found myself really distracted and unfocused and I hate it. "Damn you brain! Y U HAV SO MANY FEELINGS?!" But, I suppose that's what makes us barrel of theatre monkeys so interesting to watch. We gotta whole lotta emotions up in here and who wants to watch Ben Stein on stage? Nobody, that's who. (Now, imagine him as Harold Hill- BAH HA!) Thing is, the closer we get to opening of CB (yikes!) the more I need to swoop in on old Pepper here.

I'm loud. It's no secret. Anyone who has been within 100 feet of me knows this and often this is why I'm cast. Type cast, as it were. But, I have a problem of going into character voices I don't quite want to use, haha. My go-to is what I call my "Lucy Van Pelt"...I've only played her twice and I will never be rid of her. It's this nasal trumpet that comes from the back of my throat and sometimes Pepper take a Lucy turn. Interesting what your voice finds to be "comfortable". Lucy is my comfort. I don't have to be Marcy, I hide behind her. She's doubly obnoxious and I have an excuse for looking like a jack ass on stage. As much as a brat as she is, Pepper is a lot more real and I'm having a harder time keeping her on queue. My voice is taking on my emotional state lately....up in the clouds one minute and down in the depth of "what the fuck am I doing" the next.

 Eff this.

Stuff is coming together. It's rad. It's awesome. It gives me happy butterflies. I was able to use my bare minimum carpentry skills to help with the set the other day. My favorite quite of the day was "Okay! Here's the stage for Turkey Point!"- Scott Schoonover. Something about that ONE little phrase made me jump up and down and clap my hands...then dance on the platform. This makes it REAL. Tangible. My other favorite element of the day was Scott, our director, perusing through us with our hammers and drill guns, talking about the show and other musicals, then making me blush by asking personal questions and laughing at his accomplishment *blushes and runs away*.  I love being involved in as much as the production process as I can. It strengthens that bond with that piece of art you've helped create, though I didn't do much...I was happy to lend a hand. This show is going to be OFF THE DEMENTED CHAIN.

I love this cast. They are all too amazing. My favorite aspect of joining a new production is the relationships you find in each cast member. Some, you have more of a connection with than others, but there are SO many dynamics with an ensemble. It's really cool to watch who clicks with who and how you see that manifest on stage. It's not really something you can experience as an audience member, but as an actor it's awesome. I love these people. I can't start to think of the end, yet, because then the sad butterflies creep into my big, fake, preggo tummy. The beginning and ending of each show is scary. I'm scared of something new and if I am going to do my best. Then I'm scared of losing great people in my life and "the end".

As much bull honky that may be going on in my life, I know that I can some to rehearsal, get some hugs and smiles, maybe a smack on the butt and a joke, a shoulder if I need one, and get right to what we are all passionate about. It makes things seems okay for a bit. It make bringing this story to life worth it. It makes it all worth it.

Friday, January 20, 2012

...And that, folks, is how I got preggers.

Oh, god. I didn't mean me. You stop that right now.

I received my preggo belly for rehearsal the other night...just about the most terrifying thing to see on your young body. I mean, to most women it's like "OoOo! The Miracle of life! It's so beautiful!" WHAT?! There is a human being inside of your body! That is straight up science-fiction-Rod-Serling-in-your-face-Twilight-Zone shiz! It even comes out purple and screaming at you. If that's your bag, good for you. Breed away. And, yes, it's how we all got here, blah, blah, blah-whatever. Doesn't make it any less scary. *Shivers*

Despite my obvious fear of pregnancy, it's kind of crazy how much of an effect a wardrobe or prop piece like that can have. I mean, it completely changes the way I hold my body. I can't naturally stand a tad forward or too straight because the bottom of my belly (EEEK!) touches my legs and it's not like I can squish it down per the person inside. You can't stop touching it, either! I felt like a good luck charm all night or one of these...

 I think it's also hilarious how one with such a body type automatically stands like this...

I just see it as a chance for extra SASS. Ive never really had any extreme character physical feature like this. High heels and tight skirts, sure, but not like this. It really is kind of jarring. But, man, does it make Pepper ever more real. I mean, this bitch really IS bad(in a good way). She is a friggin vat of tiny people and handles it like a pro. She's going to sing, dance, hang out with her friends, and she's going to have fun. Being a naive teenager has something to do with it, but I think it's pretty cool she is so willing- and obviously wanting- to raise her kids. She's had to grow up fast. I believe it's the "I had a crap childhood, so I'm going to do it right" mentality. Braver than I'll be in the near future.

I'm a very...VERY...territorial person. I have a bit of guard dog in me (I may even tend to growl) and I don't like people messing with those I love. I'm extremely protective of my friends and family. I keep my friends really close and I become very invested in whatever they have going on. Emotionally, this can be taxing. But, honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like Pepper is the same way. In her own ways, she's already a bit mothering. When Lenora tries to get up on Cry Baby, Pepper ain't having ANY of that. Hatchet Face will cut a hoe if they get in her friends' faces. The Teardrops are always backing each other up and are always together. I think "Watch Your Ass", for the Drapes, also has a tone of comradery in it. They watch out for and understand each other. I know in the movie they often refer to themselves as a family and they have to be there for one another through thick and thin. I think that's pretty friggin cool.

Ta for now, darlings.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Upper class? Up her ass.

Last night was a BLAST. It was the first time we've read through the script and the songs in their entirety. Holy crap this show is funny. I mean, I knew it from the songs, but hearing the script out loud- my "squee" meter went up to 11. I'm SO stoked for this.  Ya'll are in for a treat.

So, last night wasn't the best vocally. I know I can sing what I've been given. I know I can. I've done it. I just tend to get all self-conscious at rehearsal and bail on the higher notes. I over think and when I start to do it, my brain goes "NOT TODAY, BITCH" and I get all squeaky. If I could address that nasty little gremlin in my brain who tells me I suck, for a second, I would like to say "knock it off, dillhole". I am much more confident with the Teardrop harmonies. I'm quickly totally falling in love with Sarah and Chrissy. We have a lot of fun together and I think our different voices mesh well. Sarah's rasp gives Hatchet Face some serious grit and Chrissy gives Wanda some kickin sass.We even had some Drape bonding time with the boys last night after rehearsal. Oh, yeah. This was meant to be.

The cast was really fired up and we were laughing at every turn. I know I've mentioned it, but it's cool to see that everyone is as endeared with the material as you are. I adore it. I am blown away by the talent in the group. Every seemed to have a natural take on the words and lyrics. I also have to mention our Dupree, Ari. He. Is. Tearing. It. UP. I get little giggle chills when he sings. His runs are astronomical and he's hilarious. Just wait.

Scott always brings along a big box full of relevant resource materials for the show. He now has one full of 1950's films and documentaries. Ryan and I took a look at "Jailhouse Rock". Gonna say it. Elvis acts like a little bitch in this movie. I always say I don't care how hot a guy may be, if he's a jerk, I want NONE of it. And he was making himself UH-GLY in this movie. Well done, really. I just will never understand those leading ladies who let them treat her like shiz and then get all swooney.  But, I digress.

Oofta. Does that man have some sex appeal. I never really understood all the uproar about his swinging hips on TV, but for the first time, I GOT it. I found myself nervous giggling at his fervent twists and shakes and thought, "damn, look at him go. I do believe I'm getting the vapors." It was interesting watching him change vocally and physically through out the film. I'm paraphrasing but I think my favorite reaction from Ryan during "Jailhouse Rock" was, "Elvis is SO awkward." Haha! I don't think Ryan can pull much personality tips from "Vince Everett", but that slightly pouty, tortured dream boat persona(not to mention those sweet moves and vocal kicks) could definitely inspire. Plus, it's good to observe the environment of that time.

The idea that we are only the SECOND group to take on this show is really sinking in for me. I believe some of my cast mates mentioned this in their blogs. I'm the second Pepper! That's incredible. And because there isn't too much information from the first performance, we are completely re-structuring and doing a fresh take. It's such a unique opportunity! I feel super friggin lucky and honored.

Abiento, darlings.

I leave you with some hip swivels.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That looks infected...

Friends, countrymen, and randos who come across this blog thing,

I was able to hear Ryan and Taylor, our Cry Baby and Allison, go through their lovey songs last night. They are sounding effing rad. The contrasts of their vocals styles are perfect for the characters and it's fantastic. "I'm Infected" is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs in the show. Not only is it beautifully sung, but I mean, how can you not adore a romance song that simultaneously makes you think of gross bodily diseases? That's zombie love right there. It's gross while sexy. "Now you're pulsing through each vein and you're pounding in my brain. Oh, baby, I'm infected with your love." Am I alone on this one?
The more we are able to really dig into the songs, the more I LOVE the lyrics. There is some seriously clever stuff up in here. "Sign me in your register as Baby, comma, Cry"? Friggin brilliant. There are some ensemble vocal "swells" that make my knees go weak. I feel like everyone is really enjoying the music, which helps. It sucks to sing a song you don't really like. There's, that I'm not too keen on, but I don't feel the need to share. The night is still young. Maybe it will grow on me.

People never really take teenagers seriously when it comes to their emotions. But, what the youth of America has been struggling with for years to try and make people understand, is how INTENSE it can all feel! All those hormones while at the same time looking like a genetic mutation experiment who got loose, trying to figure out who you are, where you belong, what you want your future to be's nuts. These songs directly display how desperate and deep those first pangs of love can go. Shit stings. You can't quite explain it, but it's just your "self" saying, "THAT person. Yup. That one right there. I will evaporate if they don't love me. I can seriously feel myself die as I look at them."

It can even make you cray-cray. Take it from Lenora(Terri). Our friendly, neighborhood schitzo who scratches Cry Baby's name on her arm and fakes being preggo with his baby. I think she pretty much sums up every single girl in high school at one point (and some people I know in their twenties who didn't quite get the memo to go past that stage...). Unrequited love. Oh. Damn. Does it hurt. I don't think I need to elaborate. You know what I'm talking about.

It's not just love either. It's the struggle with forces around you you can't control: upbringing, class separation, peer pressure, authority, blah, blah, blah. I won't lie, you couldn't pay me enough to go back to high school. Lord, what a great, hot mess. But, there is something to be said about the intensity of those first experiences for yourself. Not totally independent, but enough to make some stupid decisions and still get away with it(if you're careful). All that wrapped  up in rockabilly songs? Sounds like a good time, donn't you think?

Salut, darlings.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Your face makes me nauseous.

Oh, snap! The Teardrops (Sarah, Crissy, and I), Cry Baby (Ryan), and DuPre (Ari) basically make up the Drapes- the misunderstood rebels of Baltimore. In short: we's badass. We rehearsed two of my favorite songs in the show last night: "A Whole Lot Worse" and "Watch Your Ass". I had happy feet before rehearsal I was so excited! I think they are two of the most compelling songs in the show.

"Watch Your Ass" is basically an introduction to the Drapes and our "hard ass" life style. Interestingly, it may be hard to catch this when listening to the show the first time, there's a pretty poignant message. CB basically points out that we are not really that bad, but merely different. The group is deliberately chastised and made as outcasts for really nothing more than they seem "different" than the norm. Man. Do I hear that.
"It's a perfect day to scare a Square for no apparent reason: by singing, dancing, standing there or maybe just by sneezin'. Your fear of other people never ceases to amaze. You call that class? You better watch your ass these days..."
Basically, if you've made the choice of being a small-minded, obtuse, bigoted shit head...then you best watch your ass. They have grown up in a lower class and stifling atmosphere by people who feel like they have the right to treat them as lower people, so what choice do these kids have but to react that environment and treatment? Being from the "low end of society", you gotta watch your ass. Aw, damn. Getting deep with CB.

I have never by ANY means been a bad ass. The quite opposite, really. A goody two shoes. I've never really gotten in trouble. If anything, just been scolded for cursing like a sailor. But, I DO sympathize with being  treated a certain way simply for looking or acting different. There was a stage in the beginning of college where people didn't even talk to me and I'm a nice person, DAMN IT. I had several-as in more than one- people say they were sacred of me. Really. Their actual words. All because I had blue hair and a polka dot trench coat. I've been called a freak show by a 5 year old and scoffed at by many bitches. My sisters were tormented in high school for because being their own person (schools who thought they were living out "Christian"values. PAH!) and it's always stuck with me. Just like the Drapes, it's hard not to be defensive or territorial when people have treated you a certain way.

Now, I have had a wonderful upbringing full of love and friends and family. But, when you get dirty looks or a judgmental comment from entitled butt-munches who think they have some sort of invitation from your sense of style making it okay to criticize you... it makes you want to stomp someone's face for being so blatantly rude and tend to keep your guard up. BUT...I digress. I'll get off my soap box. VIVA LA DRAPES!

Now, back to the music. "A Whole Lot Worse" is basically the Teardrops giving Allison the 411 on being a sassy, bad lady.  I love blues music. I think it is SUPER sexy. It's that churning tempo and the gritty soul that goes into it. This is really the first blues song I've ever performed and I LOVE it. Being a belter (aka a very loud singer) I am sinking my teeth into it. I think we tore. It. UP. Still some harmony tweaks here and there (always a difficult aspect for me) but that will come with time. Only the first week and and I'm SUPER stoked. Can't for the dance portion to start. Eee!

Cheers, darlings.

P.s. I wonder how many times I'm going to ass during the run of this show. Ass.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

2012 and all I get are these Cry-Babies...

Hello, darlings.

I'm going to give this blogging thing a whirl (since I epically failed trying last time...).  2011 was full of a lot of crazy stuff for me. Lots of emotional highs and lows and major life changes. Still feeling unsure about a lot of things, and trying to find my footing, but I'm ready to kick some ass in the 2012 and conquer some new...stuff.

Hot damn, have I missed being on stage. It's been about a year since I've been in a production and I'm ITCHING to get back in the groove! I've had some fabulous opportunities over the past year with crew work and costume jobs. I even designed my first show! (WEE!) I refuse to stick to one thing and get stagnant. I love, love, LOVE theatre in all it's aspects but, when it comes down to it, I loves me some stage performance and I feel back in my element again

I just about hit the roof when I got cast in Cry Baby at New Line Theatre. My last production I performed with the company, HAIR, was one of the most life altering experiences I've had thus far in my short years. I still think about it and get teary eyed. I love those damn hippies and it's not really something you can describe to someone else. From the power of the music, to the passion of the performers and the audience members, it was WONDERFUL. From the start I felt welcomed and at home in the company. I was a wee babe at the time and I never felt condescended to or out of place. So, needless to say, I'm very happy to be working with these fabulous people again :)

Scott, our fervent director, is pumped, so naturally we are all pumped. It's a relatively young cast, which will bring an interesting dynamic to the show. Learning about the brief history of the show, it's a shame that it was poorly received- it's so much fun!!  A soundtrack wasn't even recorded, which is terribly frustrating. Scott is ready to tear this shit up. This is TOTALLY his type of show and he will dominate it. There are even some new designers in the mix, too! *Excitement squee!* Another very exciting aspect of our production is the fact that it's being performed for the FIRST time off off Broadway. There haven't been any re-dos or revivals. It's new and we get to perform something in it's beginning stages. That's incredible.

Our first rehearsal was great! Sitting near the front of the group, I was able to hear everyone mixed together and it, in a word, rocks. Ryan and Taylor, our leading duo (CB and Allison), are going to melt your faces with their awesomeness. As, always, I'm nervous. I don't want to disappoint or embarrass myself. Ever the self-critic. But, thankfully, Pepper Walker gives me a chance to belt some great, bluesy bits. I've never sung (sang?) with this genre of Rockabilly/blues type of music and I. TOTALLY. DIG. I'm trying to find her voice. The actress on the soundtrack gives her a rather raspy, ear grinding squawk. Even though I'm used to doing character voices, but I really don't click with that choice. Haha, I love being obnoxious.We shall see, you pregnant miscreant, we shall see...


P.s. Can't wait to scare the crap out my family wearing that pregnant belly on stage...nightmares galore.